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Ryan Tepper Tech Services is run by Ryan Tepper, a Junior Livingston High School who has been interested in Technology and Creative Art since a young age. Ryan studied all forms of art for many years as an extracurricular activity and has Studied Graphic Design and Digital Imaging in all three years of high school including at the AP level.

Ryan Tepper Tech Services initially began with his offering assistance to family and close friends, but developed into a business as he became a high school student. Word of mouth through social media and personal connections helped expand his business throughout the Livingston community and the surrounding areas.

Ryan has been a member of the Techie Teen Tutors club at Livingston High School since 2019, a club where Livingston Senior Citizens are invited to bring in and ask questions about their devices and get free assistance and education from the high school students on a monthly basis. Tech Support ranges from basic mobile phone or device questions to tutorials on how to run a Google search; from how to FaceTime or Zoom with friends and family, to setting up a new Kindle and borrowing books from the library or accessing a locked email or website account.

Ryan has also used his Tech Support skills to raise funds for Tech 4 Teens (through NA’AMAT USA) which uses the donated funds to buy technology basics such as computers, software, printers, cameras and projectors for at-risk youth in rural high schools in Israel who would otherwise not have access to these everyday devices. Purchasing those items gives these teenagers a chance to gain competency, confidence, self-esteem, and skills that enable them to become productive citizens of Israel. Ryan volunteered his Tech Support skills on various days to his community at no charge in exchange for donations to this amazing and necessary program.