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Video Montages

Video montages for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, special birthdays and other celebrations.

E-commerce Websites and Web Design

Ryan Tepper Tech Services offers affordable but creative web design offers services to help you showcase your personal website or business website and keep it current and user and mobile friendly.

I can assist you with all steps in the process including:
  •   Domain Name selection and purchase
  •   Website Hosting
  •   Website Design
  •   Email accounts
  •   Online Ordering
  •   Mobile Friendly Websites
  •   E-commerce integration for online sales
  •   Logo Design

Tech Support

Looking for Tech Support locally at the right price and with a quick turnaround time? Ryan Tepper Tech Services is here to help and can come to you within the next 24 Hours so you do not have to wait any longer!

Ryan Tepper Tech Support offers a variety of personalized in person Tech Support services including, but not limited to:

  •   New Mobile Device setup (Smart Phones and Tablets) – including copying over all of your settings and information from prior mobile device
  •   New computer or laptop setup – including copying over the information and settings on your old computer/laptop
  •   Connections to home WIFI networks
  •   Set up of Printers including WIFI enabled Printing
  •   Setting up WIFI Mesh networks to boost the WIFI throughout your house for areas with inferior service
  •   New Car Connectivity with Mobile Phone such as connecting Bluetooth for handsfree calling or setting up Apple Car Play or Android Auto
   •   Smart TV or Smart Device setup (such as ring doorbells or cameras, Nest devices, smart plugs or switches)

There's no need to pay for an overpriced service from stores such as Best Buy which can take weeks to schedule. Ryan Tepper Tech Services can come to your house to help with setting up your new Mobile Phone, setup of a new PC or Laptop and copying files from prior device, Printer setup, WIFI installation or Boosting through a home mesh system, Smart TV or Smart Device setup, and general device needs including Phone Integration with a new car. Ryan Tepper Tech Services is local and reasonable and can help you as soon as TODAY! Contact us today for in home Tech Support.